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Collumpton College's Competition

Collumpton College's Competition
We are a group of 15 year olds from Cullompton Community College’s Young Enterprise team, Generation Creation.  Firstly let me explain a little about what this means.  Young Enterprise is a business competition for students where they must create a business out of nothing.  We are firstly in a regional competition where we must try our best to raise the most money to get to the next round. The next round is Nationals, where we can go to London and we can present our ideas there!  Our team of 4 have created family baking books and recipe cards. Our idea behind this is to bring families together making memories without technology interfering.  This is important to us because we all shared the love of baking with our Nans and Granddads when we were younger. 
This is this first year that Cullompton Community College has taken part in this particular competition and we’d like to set the bar high.  Being one of the youngest teams in the competition (we are against business students too!), we need your help! 
Generation Creation are located on F5 in the Exhibitor Foyer, which is situated to the left of main entrance, inside the main hall.

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