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Addictive New Craft

Addictive New Craft

MosaiCraft began 5 years ago and has now become the largest stockist of kits in the world! If you haven’t seen the craft, you are in for a treat as many say once tried you become absolutely hooked! There is now even a page on Facebook called 'MosaiCraft Pixellers Anonymous' which is definitely worth a visit.

They also provide a FREE bespoke service where customers' own pictures can be made into kits. 

“We are constantly adding new kits. Our website is instantly updated with them along with a 'latest kit' page which was added following requests from regular customers. I write the website myself.  We like to receive feedback on kits customers think we should include and act on them whenever possible.”

MosaiCraft will be on Stand C3 offering a massive choice of kits as well as showing you how to do this addictive craft. “You will get a chance on stand to have a go and It usually takes only one or two attempts to successfully place the first pixel - it is very easy.”

This is a craft for any age - “Our youngest customer is 4, our oldest regular customer (that we know of) is 93!” It is a craft that men also really enjoy.  Retired gentlemen especially - they are the people who ask us to create very large kits as a challenge.  Our current largest kit is 180 baseplates which has been popular in the US.”

Visit stand C3 and experience a completely NEW and totally unique craft which is extremely enjoyable and addictive for all the family.

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